“Keith Offers Everything That a Board Member Should Offer”

Longtime SRP Council member, and past Council Chairman, Mark Farmer endorses Keith Woods for SRP President.

According to Councilmember Farmer Keith Woods plays a big role on the SRP Board. “He offers everything that a board member needs to offer,” said Farmer, “he offers the understanding, the comprehension of the institution, the communication levels that it takes. Sometimes there are missed meetings of the minds and he fills those gaps.” Mark Farmer added “He’s done a couple of things that personally impressed me: he started the governance coordinating group…that brought people together, and he started the CEO succession plan with the president and vice-president. He did a very fine job on that. It was extensive, but it gave us a platform to work on. Keith has been such a pleasure for me to work with, and if we had more people like Keith I wouldn’t have to do anything.”

Mark Farmer is an SRP Councilmember representing District 8, covering Tempe, Arizona.