“Keith has the best interests of SRP at heart”

I first met Keith in December of 2017. Korn Ferry was selected by the SRP Board to conduct a succession exercise that resulted in the appointment of Mike Hummel as CEO of SRP. I led the Korn Ferry effort. Keith was SRP’s Succession Committee Chairman.

Keith’s guidance navigating the complexities of SRP’s ownership and Board structure was invaluable. We would not have been successful in the accomplishment of our task had it not been for his advice and counsel. He mapped out a strategy and timeline that allowed relevant parties to provide input, insured “buy-in” from key stakeholders, and held the Board accountable for the outcome. He also made sure that the process unfolded in a fair and transparent manner. Keith devised an ingenious method for the Board to screen the external and internal candidates. Affectionately described as “speed dating”,  Keith selected an offsite venue that allowed each candidate to meet with all of the Board members without bumping into each other as they rotated

from room to room. He also managed the media brilliantly, satisfying the need for public disclosure while preserving external candidate confidentiality.

Keith possesses a rare combination of passion, vision and high EQ. He has the ability to understand differing stakeholder perspectives and reach consensus through open and honest dialogue. Keith is politically savvy without being political. Throughout the succession exercise, Keith had the best interests of SRP at heart. He never allowed anyone to lose sight of the objective.

In summary, a Board of Director’s most important responsibility is to ensure a successful CEO transition.  I believe that the succession exercise at SRP would not have been as efficient or effective as it was had it not been for Keith’s leadership. He has an in-depth understanding of SRP’s mission and governance structure, and has its best interests at heart. A “doer”, Keith has been a valuable member of SRP’s Board  for several years and shows no sign of slowing down in this capacity. SRP is lucky to have him as a Director.