Elect experienced, proven leadership in the SRP election by Tuesday, April 5, 2022

From homeowners to farmers, the greater community is rallying behind Keith Woods for SRP President, and Chris Dobson for SRP Vice-President. Keith and Chris are trusted advocates with more than four decades of combined SRP Board and Council leadership.

The protection of SRP water rights, and the delivery of affordable electricity, that is clean and reliable, is what this proven team has delivered. If you have registered for an SRP mail-in ballot or plan to vote at SRP, please support Keith Woods and Chris Dobson by Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

When you turn on the faucet will there be water? If you are in SRP’s territory the answer should be “yes!” SRP’s has several sources of water, ensuring deliveries even in dry times. But we need leaders experienced in water policy to plan for needs in an uncertain future.

When the electricity goes off unexpectedly, it can be uncomfortable for some, and deadly for others. Thankfully, SRP features a high-quality looped electrical system to ensure reliability. We need to use diverse energy technologies to power us all, day and night.

The monthly utility bill is one of the largest expenses for most families. It’s great news that SRP is one of the lowest priced Electric and Water providers in Arizona and the region. Keith and Chris will continue to advocate for ratepayers with robust strategic planning sessions and rate hearings.

Endorsed by former SRP President Bill Schrader.

Back in 1964, I had a family farm in Scottsdale, and I was also the Mayor of Scottsdale. The town was a lot smaller back then, but being a farmer, mayor, a husband, and a father of four little ones got to be too much for my wife Bondena and me.

So I decided to hang up my political duties as mayor, and become active in the Salt River Project as a board member. It was one of the greatest decisions that I ever made, and after several decades on the board, I was very honored to become SRP’s Vice-President, and later, for three terms it’s President.

Well, Keith Woods and Chris Dobson’s paths along SRP haven’t been much different than mine. Both are solid family men, faith-filled, with a keen sense of selfless duty. Both could have pursued traditional political careers, but like me, put their families first, and still found time for service through SRP.

Keith has been an excellent board member, representing my SRP district 7 for more than 20 years, and Chris has been an outstanding councilman, for close to 20 years. 

Both men have connections to SRP’s founding families, Keith with the Orme’s, and Chris with the Dobson’s.  Meaning that SRP’s continued success for us all is vitally important to them. Recently, I was at a barbecue, along with many of Woods and Dobson supporters, and I heard one gentleman say that Keith and Chris are “people kind of people,” the kind that like helping others just for the sake of it. Then there’s SRP’s former Corporate Secretary Terry Lonon, who knows full well what the jobs of President and Vice-President entail. She said that Keith and Chris “are perfect for this leadership role…they will do an amazing job with SRP.” I agree!

I support Keith Woods for President, and Chris Dobson for Vice-President, like a large number of SRP’s past and present elected officials, shareholders and customers. I ask that you strongly consider voting for them too!

They are community leaders, who have many years of SRP water and power experience, and a track record of excellence in the community as well as the board and council rooms. Keith Woods and Chris Dobson will help make SRP a better public utility for generations to come.

Bill Schrader,
Former President, Salt River Project

Meet SRP Presidential Candidate Keith Woods

Keith Woods has had a compelling career, marked by an unwavering commitment to professional and personal pursuits. Raised in San Diego County, he came to Arizona in 1978 to attend The Orme School, with a degree from Arizona State University, and certificate from Cornell University. He lives in Arcadia, is married to a school teacher Molly Woods, and has three sons, Kenton, Max and Chad.

SRP Presidential Candidate Keith Woods

Introducing SRP Vice-Presidential Candidate Chris Dobson

Chris Dobson has lived in Chandler for 47 years; with his wife Jennifer they have six children. Chris is involved in the agricultural industry he has two farms, a custom harvest company, and a pellet mill. He has a love for athletics, he played college basketball and track. He loves to hike with his family all over Arizona. He received his B.S. in Business Management at the University of Phoenix.

SRP Vice-Presidential Candidate Chris Dobson

Video Endorsements

Click on any of these interviews to hear why experienced SRP Leaders, Customers and Shareholders are Rallying Behind Keith and Chris!

What people are saying.

Business People

“Keith’s very easy going but he understands the (SRP) processes in order to get things accomplished.”

Mark Freeman,
Farmer / Vice-Mayor, Mesa


“You want to somebody who is involved, and that happens when a volunteer takes their role seriously and that is Keith Woods.”

Ray Artigue,
Phoenix Homeowner

Solar Advocates

“I always felt that when I talked with Keith about the issues with solar that he understood the big picture.”

Bob Emmelkamp,
Solar Advocate

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